Friday, March 30, 2012

Poet Eyes

Just felt like posting this today. Our blog has been kind of quiet.

Poet Eyes
Marileta Robinson

It’s simple to find a poem, he said.
Poems are pasted on everything.
Tree stumps, coffee cups, window shades.
Then why can’t I see them? I asked.
He showed me a flower.
See the stripes leading to the flower’s heart? he asked.
No, I said. I can’t see those, either.
Of course you can’t. You must be able to detect ultra-violet light to see them. You must have the eyes of a bee.
You need special eyes to see a poem, too. The eyes of a poet. Read poems. Many poems. You will grow poet eyes. Then you will see the poems pasted on everything.


  1. Love your poem Marileta. I will try to grow those eyes.

    1. I only wish I had your artist eyes.