Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh, yes, and . . .

If I am to be accurate and complete in the summary of our doings, I must include that we also read a poem by Nancy Wells and a poem by Stephen Dobyns.  And we generated interesting characters by a technique that Marileta taught us.

Please, if anyone has anything they want to add, or wants to serve up their own perceptions of the afternoon, feel free.  I'd be interested to read what people thought about as different things were being presented.  At the moment I am working through issues and reaching for more understanding of the female experience.  Even though I've gone through the experience of having and rearing children, I am feeling now that much of my understanding of my female experience was written for me by the patriarchal nature of our culture.  I am not opposed to seeing this way except in the sense that I feel I have missed something important, something that's worth going back for.  Nancy Wells's experiment of looking at herself as a child through her mother's eyes and the discussion afterward was very meaningful to me.


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