Friday, March 30, 2012

Poet Eyes

Just felt like posting this today. Our blog has been kind of quiet.

Poet Eyes
Marileta Robinson

It’s simple to find a poem, he said.
Poems are pasted on everything.
Tree stumps, coffee cups, window shades.
Then why can’t I see them? I asked.
He showed me a flower.
See the stripes leading to the flower’s heart? he asked.
No, I said. I can’t see those, either.
Of course you can’t. You must be able to detect ultra-violet light to see them. You must have the eyes of a bee.
You need special eyes to see a poem, too. The eyes of a poet. Read poems. Many poems. You will grow poet eyes. Then you will see the poems pasted on everything.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poetry and Fiction Prompts for Today...

Art of the Arbitrary

Open a dictionary, an encyclopedia, or a book from your bookshelves to any page; choose a word, and write it down. Repeat this nine times. Write a poem with ten couplets (they need not rhyme) using one of the words from your list in each couplet, without using the first person.

Slogan Story

Record the slogans you see on billboards and in other advertising as you go about your daily routine—Prescription Drug Misuse Is a Growing Trend; Forever Engagements; Truth & Honesty: That's the Manfredi Way! Choose one from the list you've gathered and use it as the opening line for a story. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

 Consumed by moods
of rich dark green
and tender pink,
I sink into a space
that molts my heart.
I weep a song
that dolphins sing
and wait for life to set me free
hoping that some mystic other,
not myself
will come and pry apart
the rigid crust
embalming me.

                  © n.e.w. 3.9.2012, Spotted Frog


T'was long ago
before the sun came out
that you and I met
or was it someone else.

I forget
said the frog to the fly.

Sitting on a Lily pad all day
had fried his mind
t'was how he spends the day
and how he'd like to die.

Frogs have time to mentalize.
Because they are not intellectual,
conversations just begin
with t'was
and end in t'was.
cause t'was was
the way the world began
and may be the way
the world will end.

T'was Spotted Frog froggin' it up.....
© n.e.w. 3.19.2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

'Twas More Than A Figure of Speech

'Twas not thought that the accidentally injured Madeleine had aggravated Rodney or that Rodney was violent; 'twas rather that appearances would create rumors among those who had invested in Rodney's future purses. The donkey would have to leave the new champion's stall immediately. Reluctantly, Madeleine's owner, Marvin Greenblat, took his ass home in a sling.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


‘Twas in the days
when every summer was a year
and every spring a state of grace
and we had no way of knowing
the wheels sped up
while we were slowing
summer child, run free and wild
On a windswept hill
I see your smile.

Sunday, March 11, 2012