Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

I wanted to add another book by Kathie Carlson, "Life's Daughter/Death's Bride". I understand that Suzannah loaned that book to you Nancy D. I found out that Kathie has recently moved up here. I hope to meet her in the next few weeks and if appropriate, I will ask her about starting a workshop. In all likely hood it will be independent of us. Having not talked to her directly, I can not say more. The possibility of a workshop with her is very exciting as I yearn for a gathering of women that might explore the effect of the Goddess on women of today. I just had a wonderful phone conversation with Suzannah that explored some of the issues I mentioned in the earlier post. Again, I am referring to women in our current time in history, being comfortable with containment and holding as well as flow.

P.S. I took the name Spotted Frog for this blog. Since we have two Nancys, it seemed like a good idea to create a new identity. The name also seemed playful and mischievous.This is the very first blog I have participated in and it feels adventurous.
Is there a spelling tool Marileta?  Not my forte.

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  1. Nancy, I'm glad you figured out how to post. There is a spell checker--it will underline misspelled words in red.